My Symptoms!

WARNING! This post contains  descriptive explicit information!

This post contains  descriptive explicit information on symptoms which may be unsavory to many readers. If you are squeamish you may find this page a bit of an over share, it’s about my personal symptoms  and contains graphical explanations.

I started my periods shortly after my 12th birthday and from the beginning my periods have always been heavy with stomach cramps. but as I approached the age of menopause things began to get  much worse. I thought what I was experiencing was normal for menopausal women, that it was one last hurrah for my womb! it wasn’t going down without a large display of colour!

The beginning of my uterus changing started at the end of the summer 2013. I woke in the early hours of the morning with gunk all down my legs, initially I thought it was blood and that I had started my period, but on closer inspection this sticky mess was in fact discharge! this continued every month the day before my period. I thought this was a good thing, that it meant along with hot flushes and night sweats that I was officially into my change and these nasty disabling periods would soon be coming to an end. But no, every month as regular as clockwork my menses returned just after the gunk fest!

The bleeding got so bad I found it difficult to deal with myself and was banished to the bedroom for three days to avoid over spill on the soft furnishings. The pain was difficult to bear too and along with the painkillers I would have a hot beanie bag on my stomach which obviously would bring on the hot sweats which was not a pleasant experience and I was grateful for the fan which worked tirelessly to cool me down.  I found that putting a rolled up hand towel between my legs as I walked to the bathroom saved the carpet and was pleased that I had invented this ingenious idea and felt I should share this with other women who struggled with flooding.

The amount of blood loss along with numerous clots plopping from my vagina was a cause for concern and as it lasted between 11-13 days it was quite an inconvenience. I went to the Dr’s many times over the years as my periods got heavier and heavier and discovered I had two large Fibroids, the size of an orange and a plum so believed that this was the culprit. I was offered a  Novasure ablation which failed. Apparently this is a rarity and the consultant assured me that he only had one fail before me, this was on 11/11/2011 and they took me to theatre at 11am which was a little disconcerting. He said that they have a safety mechanism that looks for weak spots and tells the surgeon if it is safe to go ahead or not, they run the test twice and both times it came back as unsafe to carry on. He done a D&C and the results were normal. He said that as I am approaching menopause and I had other health problems that he advised I try to hang on and not have a hysterectomy if possible as the end is in sight!

We moved to a different county, new Dr’s and new hospitals and I was offered a hysterectomy again, as the night sweats had started I thought I would try to hold out a little longer as I knew the recovery would be difficult with my restricted mobility.

(WARNING MORE YUCKY DESCRIPTION!) Then it happened, May 2014, not only was I plagued  by masses of gunk and 13 day periods I woke up about a week after my period had finished in a large pool of blood! so much in fact I had to wake my husband to change the bed sheet in the middle of the night, not really delighted about this predicament but he as usual just smiled and got on with it without complaint!

Again not really understanding that my symptoms were abnormal I thought they must be my menopause or my Fibroids, so just carried on as if nothing had happened. Another month went by and it was just the usual heavy torrent and banishment that I had become accustomed to. Then in June 2014, six days after my long and difficult period was over I had a pain in my left side and went for a lay down, when I got up I was bleeding yet again but vast amounts of blood that seemed to have a different consistency to my usual variety. (WARNING EVEN MORE YUCKY DESCRIPTION!) It was bright red, runny and lumpy, as I sat on the toilet it just literally poured out of me. The colour drained from my face and I was the colour of  a porcelain doll, I felt sick, shaky and faint.

I also had developed a lump on my vagina that was about the size of a pea so thought I should really get that checked out. I went to see a lovely lady GP who informed me my lump was just a cyst and would go away on it’s own.  As an after thought I mentioned that I was bleeding between my periods, to which her answer was we need to checkout abnormal bleeding to make sure it is not uterine Cancer!! “Pardon, you mean my symptoms are not the menopause!”

She sent an urgent referral and I was seen within one week and now I am waiting for the appointment for a biopsy, the consultant said he would do a three for the price of one and fit me a coil and do a smear while I was under general too! So now I am waiting and praying that my symptoms are due to my Fibroids, polyps or the menopause or something else.  Thank you to WordPress for allowing me to distract the worry slightly and share my ignorance on the menopause and to Dr google for teaching me all about Uterine Cancer!


The end!