Why Blog!


 Keeping positive!

I decided to write this blog to help me to keep positive, and hopeful for a good outcome, while I undergo investigations for Uterine Cancer.

I will be logging my symptoms, investigation, what procedures I have and my results.

It seems that the internet has numerous accounts of women who, like me, need further investigations due to the symptoms they are experiencing.  Most stories I have read, unfortunately, share the experience of a diagnosis of Cancer.

I am hoping that by sharing my story from the beginning process it will be helpful, not only for me but also for other women who find themselves in the same predicament.  I am hoping for a fairytale ending, that my symptoms are due to Fibroids and not Cancer. From what I have read the symptoms I am experiencing could be due to either Cancer, Fibroids, Polyps or maybe something else. I do have two large Fibroids.  I am trying to keep optimistic that my symptoms are due to these annoying, what I like to call fruits (The size of an orange and plum). Unfortunately we don’t live in a fairytale and things don’t always turn out how we would like but hope springs eternal.  Hope, along with a few prayers and keeping positive is what I need to keep me going over the next few months while I wait for a biopsy, and the results.