Soy and bleeding

 The dangers of Soy

So It might be a long shot but the second time I bled, it was not spotting but not to be too graphic more like when you leave the hose on slightly without realising and there is a constant trickle , anyway the night this happened I had Soy mince for dinner, I seem to remember last time I had Soy it gave me an upset tummy.

We (me and my lovely husband) were on a health kick and was trying to lose weight so thought we would give Soy another chance to see if it was the cultrip for my upset tummy.  About two hours after eating the Spagbol I had a terrible pain in my right side, I had to go and lay down with a hot water bottle and probably an hour after that, the bleeding started. It was so heavy I needed to take a tranexamic acid table to slow it down.  I had slight bleeding the next day and then heavy bleeding the following day followed by one last day of light bleeding.  I have read that Soy is high in estrogen and can cause bleeding and can even make women who have gone through their menopause start to bleed again.  Beware the dangers of Soy. Am I just clutching at straws that this could be the cause of my mysterious bleeding???