The BIG C?

Four weeks ago I went to see my GP and the dreaded “C” word was mentioned.  Before then I had very little awareness or information about Uterine Cancer. It was something that I did not need to worry about as it only happens to other people. It does not have the publicity that Breast Cancer has, so I thought that  it must be one of those Cancers that is quite rare!! How wrong was I!  Uterine or Endometrial Cancer is the fourth largest female Cancer with 8,475 cases each year just in the UK! I have gone back to my GP many times complaining of symptoms but until I had bleeding between periods my symptoms were put down to Fibroids, which is a possibility, but it could be something more sinister. If I had realised or been given a leaflet on other symptoms to look out for, I would have acted quicker and not just put it down to being perimenopausal or Fibroids. It seems the way to find out about the dreadful “C” is talking to people, but unfortunately its not a topic that is discussed until you find yourself in the symptom predicament. Before, I did not think I knew anyone with Uterine Cancer or the symptoms, but in the last four weeks I have found four other people so a total of five of us are experiencing, going through the investigations or diagnosis procedures, along with the waiting game. Two of the ladies are over 60, one  has had a full hysterectomy and is recovering,  the other lady who I knew quite well from church has her hysterectomy planned . Then there is another two ladies approaching their 50’s one lady, who I know though a good friend, has had abnormal symptoms and her endometrial lining is thick and they are going to investigate further. Another good friend is having abnormal bleeding and is awaiting a scan then there’s me,  I turned 50 this year and have been having heavy periods for a while, but the last 10 months or so they have become so heavy that on a couple of visits to my GP I asked “when should you call an ambulance? “which was just dismissed, maybe thinking I was being a little melodramatic. But in all honesty it has come to the point where I am actually scared of my periods. I am not sure of the definition of hemorrhaging,  but i have wondered if this is what is happening to me. Not only is it the profuse amount of blood loss I am also weak, pale, nauseous, shaky, faint and my heart is racing.  Looking at my symptoms here, now I think of course this is abnormal but when you keep going back to your doctor who is unconcerned about my symptoms and keeps offering the Mirena coil, ( which I don’t really want as I react badly to hormones) what am I suppose to do? So I just kept going, dreading, fearing the next month. It could be the Fibroid fruits I guess but, I have had these for years so why now the awful symptoms!! My point and rant is, we need more info!! The only gynecological appointments are every three years a cervical smear by the nurse. If during the appointments some pamphlets were offered  to make people aware of this then maybe, just maybe people would find out sooner and not have to go through so much invasive treatments and it would be found and eliminated quickly. I am hopeful that my new symptoms are Fibroids, the menopause, hormonal, but a little more info from the medical profession would be helpful and maybe even life saving!!

Uterine Cancer statistics