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Pre-op assessment!

It’s getting closer to biopsy day, I had the pre-op in preparation for the procedure next Thursday!! The letter said to allow upto 3 hours but it was much quicker than that i’m glad to say. I was impressed that they have taken my other conditions into consideration and are going to let my husband stay with me rather than just drop me off. So Big long questionnaire completed (Check!) ECG (Check!) blood test (Check!,) blood pressure (Check!,) But very low!! height (Check!), yes still the same as last time, weight (Check!), and I have lost a few pounds which was a bonus.  The very efficient nurse, lets call her Sue (after all that is her name! ) So Sue said that if I was not disabled and was working I would need one to two weeks to recover! Rather a long period of time I thought! I was expecting one to two days, maybe it’s because they are doing investigation, Biopsy, smear and coil but still that amount of time does seem a bit excessive. We will just have to wait and see how it goes. The questions I have prepared ready to ask, like how long until I get the results were irrelevant as I was asking the wrong person, these need to be asked when I meet the Dr, just before I am taken down to theatre! I was given two large bags for my numerous amounts of medication and sent on my way.  I remember the conversation I had with friends who are in the medical profession. “Try to avoid having any operations in August, as this is when all the newly trained Doctors are let loose on real people, and the death rate always rises in August” Well my procedure is 4th September hopefully they will have the hang of things by then! Eek!! But seriously I just can’t imagine that I have the “C” word! surely I would know! Fingers crossed, break a leg. No, much better than that I will pray, God’s will be done, but please God let me be ok!