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A Fairytale ending!

Once upon a time their was a woman who turned 50. She had a lot of exciting things going on in her life, except for one thing, her life was ruled by an evil curse, let’s call her Eve!. Eve not only consumed her for ten days a month, but she kept the women prisoner in her bed chamber for up to four days each month.  Eve not only ruled over the woman’s life but Eve also affected other peoples lives.  She would force everyone to change their plans and on one occasion nine people had to rearrange their plans appease to Eve’s demands. Eve then decided that 10 days a month was not enough, she decided to play havoc and drop in unannounced whenever it suited her, making life even more difficult for the women. The women got so fed up with Eve that she went to see a magician. The magician was worried the curse could have an accomplice named Cancer so the women was sent to a far away place to see if the curse of Eve could be lifted. Many people worked hard to help the women and to everybody’s delight Cancer did not reside with Eve. A party and a banquet was thrown to celebrate the good news but unfortunately Eve was still in the picture and the women just hoped and prayed that the curse of Eve could one day be lifted and that she could live happily ever after. THE END

I wrote the fairytale as I started this blog with the hope for a fairy tale ending. When I was researching I could only find negative information which seemed to point to the fact that my symptoms were  probably due to Uterine Cancer. I hoped by writing this that people in similar situations would see that not every story ends with a diagnosis of Cancer but if  you exhibit symptoms for this or other women’s Cancers, please get it checked out.  When my doctor told me she suspected Cancer I immersed myself into as much information and literature I could find on the subject. Dr google played his part in my quest for knowledge on this serious subject. I read many blogs,  joined groups, I even read a book on the subject which opened up a whole new world to me, not a pleasant world but it made me realise many people are being diagnosed every day some are given good odds on survival and others not so good. With Uterine Cancer the first port of call is to have a hysterectomy and after this major operation the grading is done to see if the Cancer has spread. Then depending upon how bad the Cancer is different treatments are offered. radiotherapy and chemotherapy seem to be the treatments frequently offered. Radiotherapy can be external or internal. With external  beam radiotherapy usually involves a series of daily treatments over a number of days or weeks. The temporary DNA damage to normal tissues causes side effects. Common side effects include sore skin, tiredness and hair loss. So just imagine, feeling sick, sore, tired, losing your hair and having to go possibly daily for treatment which would mean travelling, finding a car park, waiting your turn, having treatment, travelling home and then having to do it all again the next day probably feeling dreadful. If that wasnt enough this awful treatment can be followed by Internal radiotherapy which involves placing a small piece of radioactive material temporarily inside the body near the cancerous cells. With Uterine Cancer I can only imagine how uncomfortable that must be. While we are at home going about our day to day life many people are undergoing these terrible treatments. Chemotherapy also causes side effects and often the two treatments are used together. Most chemotherapy medications have a poisonous effect and often cause feeling tired and weak, feeling and being sick and hair loss. I have read that people don’t know how to deal with Cancer so often will avoid seeing or talking to their friends. The word Cancer holds such a stigma of illness, death and dying almost like leprosy, you might as well be ringing a bell saying unclean. People are scared of the word and don’t want to associate with the victims as it makes them uncomfortable but just for one minute try to have empathy for what they are going through. Not only do Cancer victims have to suffer pain and ill health, loss of income and dignity but often their support network abandon them. I only got a tiny taste of that bitter pill. Most people were understanding to my predicament but I could see the cloud of embarrassment lurking making people uncomfortable at even the suspicion that my symptoms could be due to Cancer. These women who have been diagnosed are still the same people, but they are now fighting a terrible illness and have many obstacles to battle over a long period of time. Even when they get a clean bill of health they still have to be monitored just in case the Cancer comes back. I have two requests. the first is if you know someone battling Cancer, please be kind compassionate and caring, they will probably need a friend. My second request is if you have any symptoms of women’s Cancers, please don’t leave it. The terrible treatments can often be avoided if you act fast. I said to one woman I think you’re so brave and she said I’m not brave I just don’t have a choice.